• 9000 Possible Images

    processual photographic sculpture, 15 x 10 x 95 cm, white pedestal, light-sensitive photographic papers, vinyl letters (mirroring-foil), 2020

    Perhaps you will take with you a part of my artwork and place it outside the walls of this institution. You will leave with a piece of fragile photographic paper in your pocket, with a piece of my sculpture in your purse.

    There is a possibility the artwork will touch you and your body will inscribe itself into the light-sensitive layer, just as mine did while I was cutting the papers in a dark room.

    Can this moment of touch perhaps create a subversive thought?

    In future you will possess one of 9000 possible images - piled up here, creating a light-proof safe-space between each other.

    It is your gesture that will activate the process I was planning in my studio, where I was constructing the sensitive tower for you to dismantle. Or will you refuse?

    For a short moment light reactions on the vulnerable surface will become visible. You might not notice it but maybe the person next to you will. What else is withdrawn from us?